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  • Soronen, Louna (2023)
    The subject of this thesis is the privatization of education for young people. The topic is based on the marketization of society and the neoliberal values brought by international trends in education policy. I explore the topic by examining the websites of private companies that focus on youth education. In an era in which education is seen as a response to the future needs of society and a market platform for companies, I will use the data to examine the content that private companies bring to the education of young people and how they justify the need for their activities as part of education. I have carried out this pro-graduate thesis as part of the Interrupting Future Trajectories of Precision Education Governance (FuturEd) research project. I have limited the research data to the data collected by the research team in spring 2021, which included 56 EdTech companies and other providers of services for young adults. From the original data, I selected 11 private companies with a focus on youth education. I have used netnography to read and analyze the data. According to the results of the thesis, the rationale for private enterprise in youth education is related to increasing efficiency, improving the well-being of young people and strengthening future employability skills. They report that they make learning easy, smooth, and cost- effective. Learning and well-being are made measurable through data collection so that they can be addressed, and educational resources targeted more effectively. At the same time, the teacher's job description is changing more towards that of a business coach. Companies also justify their actions in terms of strengthening the future employability skills that young people lack, so that they become flexible and effective individuals who are ready to enter the labour market. The thesis raises questions about the role of private companies in the education of young people in society and in young people's lives: the content of the education seems, in comparison to previous research, to increase the self-responsibility of young people in education and in their transition to work.