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  • Ikonen, Eeva-Kaarina (2020)
    Preventing youth’s marginalization is a major challenge for the whole society and it has been in the forefront media coverage as well as in the government programme. Earlier research has shown that juvenile delinquency has a connection with both dropout and challenging position in labour market later in life. It is seen as a path to subsequent marginalization. Finnish Ministry of the Interior has launched an youth’s criminal behavior preventing programme, Anchor work (ankkuritoiminta). Since 2018 Anchor teams (ankkuritiimit) have meen mandated to co-operate more tightly with local schools. The aim of this study is to determine the experiences of multiprofessional collaboration between school personnel and Anchor team when preventing juvenile delinquency. The goal is to find out how collaboration is experienced and to identify the factors that are perceived as guiding the collaboration. This qualitative study is a case study with a background in phenomenological research tradition. The data was gathered by theme interviews from three (3) members of Anchor team located in Southern Finland and three (3) members of school personnel from the same area. Interviews were held in the beginning of June 2020. Interviewees were from four different professions. The interviews were transcribed and analysed by content analysis. The result showed that the experiences of collaboration between the Anchor team and school were mainly positive but also dependent on the situation. Collaboration was perceived as concrete, consultative, solution-orientated and interactive. There were four (4) factors guid-ing the multiprofessional collaboration: youth’s position, interaction, values and later conse-quences.