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  • Finell, Clarice (2019)
    Contemporary jewellery art is an artform that has cast away from the traditional view on jewel-lery and acts on the scene of contemporary art. The driving force of contemporary jewellery art is not to be a wearable piece of jewellery, but to be an individual, independent piece of art. Contemporary jewellery artists who are active within the genre are a heterogeneous group of people who have very different backgrounds of education. The purpose of this thesis is to investigate how the jewellery artists who are active in Finland experience their working techniques, how they choose the techniques they use as well as how they describe their artistic process. Furthermore, the effect of education on the choice of techniques and the working methods are investigated. Previous studies have concentrated on what jewellery art is or how individual artists view their own process of working. This qualitative study concentrated on the descriptions of 18 contemporary jewellery artists who are active in Finland. The informants were all members of the Jewelry Art Association. A survey with open ended questions was sent to the Jewelry Art Association and shared in the Facebook group Korutaidefoorumi. The answers were analysed with phenomenological analysis, where all the answers were di-vided into groups of single words and meanings. The answers were then compared against the informants answers as well as the single informants´ answers were compared to the other answers by that informant. The result of this study shows that the artistic process of contemporary jewellery artists vary very little between the artists and that the education is of certain importance when it comes to the choice of techniques and material as well as the choice of material effects the artistic pro-cess with some of the informants.