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  • Avikainen, Elisa (2016)
    The main interest of this study was scenographer Kirsi Manninen and her career as a costume designer in Winter Circus of Hurjaruuth. The purpose of this study was to describe the costume designing processes in Winter Circus productions and to find out what possibilities and challenges circus sets to costume designing. Referring to previous studies (Checkland, 1986; Seitamaa-Hakkarainen, 2000; Zeisel, 1984) designing processes can be seen as movements between different levels, where reality and idea levels are compared to each other. Designing is also seen as iteratively moving process, where the completed products are created via many acceptable solutions. This study is qualitative and its manner of an approach is a case study. Material for this study was gathered with a theme interview from Kirsi Manninen. Material was analyzed adapting to theoretically orientated content analysis. Baseline of the study was designer-orientated nor than production-orientated. The centre of the analysis was not about the themes or details of circus productions but designering and artefacts behind them. This study showed that Manninen's designing process proceeds iteratively between four different dimensions. As a result of collected material of this study and referring to previous models there was a model created that describes Manninen's designing process in circus productions. The dimensions, based on collected material were named as team, user, substance and composition. A costume designer is working in a part of multi-artistic team. This team creates the whole play in tight co-operation. Theme of the play defines the baselines for working. Each costume is designed individually for a user, taking into account personal features, movement, safety and character that are performed. Costumes and the substance transmit different kind of moods and messages. They have also a magnificent role as a storytelling part of the play. The final costume and the composition of it are formed by color, shape and material, applying different kind of techniques.