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  • Ruokamo, Satu (2018)
    This study discusses tanu headdresses of Finnish folk costume. Tanu was a white cloth cap worn by married women until end of 19th century. Focus of this study is on tanu headdresses from museum collections. From that research expands to general knowledge of tanu headdresses. Previously tanu headdresses were discussed in general studies of Finnish folk costumes and among design processes of Finnish national dresses. First aim of this study was to find craft-based knowledge from tanu headdresses. Second aim was to find general knowledge of tanu headdresses as an object and phenomenon. Third aim was to find out how the chosen research method would work for to study such objects. Research material of this study was 13 tanu headdresses from two museums. Main research method for this study was an own application based on product essence analysis developed by Marketta Luutonen. In first stage in this study researcher approached object as an expert, which differed from Luutonen's analysis. In second stage researcher used her own craft process as a research method. In third stage to help the interpretation, appropriate criteria of the significance analysis for the museum objects was used. As the result of the study, detailed craft-based knowledge was found in tanu headdresses. Among this knowledge was for example construction of the bobbin laces and sewing techniques on tanu headdresses. With the information found from research material and from literature the picture of production and use of tanu headdresses was built. The research method developed for this study was found to work. Luutonen's analysis gave clear guidelines for the study. Researcher's own craft process gave deeper knowledge of construction and production of tanu headdresses than viewing the objects itself or pictures of the objects.