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  • Lyyra, Anna-Gerissa (2016)
    Schools begun to use the new Curriculum of Basic Education in the autumn 2016. The aim of this study was to make visible how the nationwide guidance documents describe the state of the sami education. My research subject was divided into two research questions: 1. In what ways the same education has been taken into account in the Curriculum of Basic Education in 2004 and in 2014? and 2. What factors explain the changes in the position of the sami education in the 2000s curriculums? The latter question contained a hypothesis that the differences were to be found between the two curriculums. The purpose of the study is to look for the discourses of the sami education and to find reasons for the changes in the 2000s. Previous studies have shown that the sami education has taken into account in the curriculums of basic education. The research material consisted of two documents, the Curriculum of Basic Education 2004 and 2014. I used a qualitative analysis method, discourse analysis, which is an ideal tool when one is studying, not only how language is used, but also how the context is affecting the ways of using the language. The sami education had been taken into account in both documents. The Sami people were mentioned as an indigenous people and they got more space in the text than other minorities. The references to sami education were divided into two categories: to direct and indirect references. The Curriculum of Basic Education 2014 takes better into account the students coming from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds, as well as Finland's internal diversity than the 2004 curriculum. The amount of direct references to sami education was also higher. The reasons behind the changes can be found in both international and national politics, as well as in the awakening of the Sami people to improve their own position. In order for the curriculum reform to have a meaning, it must also be studied critically.