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  • Linna, Laura (2016)
    Aim of the study. Literature has many positive impacts on the reader. Besides adding knowledge reading enhances social skills, adds empathy and helps to build ones self-image. Through fictitious literature like fairytales one can deal with moral problems and behavioral patterns in a safe environment. Still, every reader interprets text in his own way and both evaluates and process the meaning of it. The purpose of this study was to analyze how first graders and third graders interprets the fairytale chosen and how they evaluate fair action in this fairytale. Methods. Material for this study was collected from elementary school in Helsinki in March 2015. The story chosen for this study, The Little Red Hen, was read to ten pupils from first grade and ten pupils from third grade. Then each pupil answered to semi-structured interview. The material gained from the interviews was transcribed. This study was theory bound qualitative study and gained information was analyzed using content analysis and discourse analysis. The aim was to find out what kinds of discourses can be found in students' perceptions of the fairness of the fairy tale. Also differences between the grades were opened in the study. Results and conclusions. According to this study the third graders were further on both abstract thinking and in evaluating fair actions of the fairytale than the first graders. Still, the differences weren't big and results varied also individually. The discourses found on the material were the discourse of physical reward, the discourse of reciprocity and the discourse of social norms.