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  • Pajula, Kaarina (2016)
    Aim. The purpose of this study was to examine classroom management problems and its effect on teacher's well-being. The objective was also to examine successful classroom management and ways to advance classroom management and teachers' well-being. The study introduces ways to advance classroom management and work related well-being. Class-room management is a current topic in schools. Schools should be safe for both students and teachers. Teachers' well-being has been studied widely but mainly from a negative point of view. Methods. The study was conducted as a qualitative research. The research data consisted of individual interviews with seven teachers who work in the Uusimaa area. The interviews were semi-structured and were held in April 2016. Data from the interviews was analysed by using theory oriented content analysis. Results. The effect of classroom management (problems) on teachers' well-being was evaluated as very strong. A teacher who didn't have classroom management problems in class was able to put more effort on work than a teacher who struggled with classroom manage-ment problems. It seems that it is challenging to recover from stress related to classroom management problems and this stress effects working life as well as personal life. The teachers used several methods to advance classroom management and to interfere with classroom management problems. The reasons for the problems were considered by most of the teachers as student-related. The teachers wished for more effort by schools on advancing teachers' well-being and classroom management. Serious and long-lasting problems could be prevented by advancing teachers' well-being. This study offers viewpoints for current and future teachers and others interested in the subject.