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  • Palmén, Hanna (2018)
    Changes in work and agency work in itself have brought new challenges to working life and to the way that work is organised. Previous studies have shown that agency worker is in a difficult and confusing position in between the staff leasing company and the company that rents the agency worker. It has been suggested that agency workers often have less rights than permanent workers in the same company. Previous studies have shown reliable results when workers are given the opportunity to participate to the work development done at their work place. This type of involvement strategy has had a positive impact to general working and to coping at work. The aim of this master’s thesis is to examine how agency workers experience work development and do they feel like they have opportunities to participate in work development at their workplace. Eight agency workers from Helsinki Metropolitan area were interviewed. The agency workers were partly found through an advertisement in social media, and after that snowball sampling was used. All the agency workers were studying besides their work at the time of the interviews. Some of them had been working as an agency worker only few months and some for several years. They worked in different fields, for example as a shop assistant and a warehouse worker. The data was collected using theme interview. The analysis of the data was conducted using phenomenographic approach. Agency workers feel that the concrete changes in work place are important parts of their work development. In addition to that they feel they could do more and take on bigger responsibilities. The experience of agency workers is that they don’t have many opportunities to influence to work development in their work place. The biggest reason for the lack of opportunities is seen to be their position as an agency worker. Also, some agency workers feel that they don’t even have the need to develop their work and they see their position in agency work as temporary.