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  • Nakari, Noora (2017)
    Teacher well-being has been discussed amongst the professionals and those working in the area for many years now. The phenomena has been widely studied before and numerous studies show for example that the teacher profession is often experienced as stressful and that violence is a factor that decreases well-being significantly in the profession. What makes the subject significant in terms of the society, is that teacher well-being also has an impact on student well-being. The purpose of this study is to portray through the personal experiences of one experienced teacher those factors that have an impact on teacher well-being at work. The study was carried out as as a qualitative research and its methodological basis was in the hermeneutical and phenomenological approach. Used as the empirical data of the study was a theme interview of one teacher. The theme of the interview was teacher well-being. The gathered data was analyzed using thematising as the data analysis method and more spefically the contextualized approach were the significations produced by the interviewee are tied to a wider frame of reference. From the data and with the help of the chosen frame of reference was searched the elements of physical well-being, emotional well-being, social well-being, well-being in relation of work, well-being related to the working environment and well-being related to the organization. On the basis of the analysis conjugated from the data and the chosen frame of reference teacher well-being was affected in this study by physical well-being, emotional well-being and social well-being as well as by factors related to the well-being in relation of work, the well-being related to the working environment and the well-being related to the organization. As a conclusion from this particular study can be stated that social well-being has a vast impact on the well-being of the teacher in question and more precisely the importance of the relationship between the teacher and collegues is a major factor in teacher well-being at work.