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  • Arponen, Liisa (2018)
    This thesis examines the discourse of future working life and working skills as advanced liberal government. The aim of the thesis is to create understanding regarding what the discourse of future working life and working skills include and what are they about to produce. As empirical material I chose to use two reports of Ministry of Education and Culture, two reports of Finnish Government and one report published by STTK Union of employees. They all examine the phenomenom of changing working life and factors related to it such as digitalization, knowledge, employment and lifelong learning. In my thesis I use critical discourse analysis as a methodological framework. I examine discourses from the point of view of the theory of advanced liberal government considering what kind of governance, relations of power or drives of influence can be found in these discourses. As a framework for the analysis I use the concept of political rationalities by Nikolas Rose and the process of translation by Michel Callon. As a result of my thesis I found that the discourse of future working life and working skills is determined by a few themes that stand out repeatedly from reports. These themes were for example the theme of inevitability, business-focused discussion and that the change of work is seen as a threat and ideal employee is seen as eternally adaptive multi talent. One conclusion of the analysis is that the empirical material of the thesis expresses rationality of the adaptive employee. By applying the process of translation developed by Callon, it is possible to see how individuals are conducted and worked towards the ideal subject of employee via different steps of the process. The point of view of my thesis is consciously critical, because I hope to question things that might otherwise be seen as natural and inevitable and by doing this I wish that contrary thinking becomes possible.