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  • Koskinen, Markus (2020)
    This thesis examines entrepreneurship education and authoritative discourse. Entrepreneurship education is an ambiguous term that is difficult to define it (e.g. Ristimäki, 2001). It divides opinions among teachers – there is no consensus on benefits of entrepreneurship education (Korhonen, Komulainen & Räty, 2012). The aim of this thesis is to refine the understanding of entrepreneurship education. The thesis is based on an idea that derives from discourse analysis where speech is seen as the construct of reality. Entrepreneurship education discourse is a part of educational discourse, and it defines people’s perception of entrepreneurship education. Members of Parliament produce authoritative speech and they talk a lot about this topic. Because of this the speeches of MPs are particularly interesting. The research material consists of 26 speeches by MPs focusing entrepreneurship education. I examine the rhetoric of these speeches through rhetorical analysis. I ask a question: “How do the MPs talk about entrepreneurship education?” In this way it is possible to refine the perception on entrepreneurship education. The rhetorical analysis shows that the discourse of entrepreneurship education praises entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education. The MPs’ discourse is mainly epideictic. This epideictic speech is based on many rhetorical devices such as ethos, logos and pathos, style, order of arguments and oppressive praise. Neoliberal discourse can be found behind these speeches. The discourse is brought out with point of departure that are generally accepted, for example equality and welfare. Rhetorical analysis provides valuable information about MPs’ attitudes towards school. Their relationship to school appears to be financial and entrepreneurial. This allows many new opportunities for future investigation.