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  • Kanerva, Tuuli (2021)
    Foodwork has changed and responsibility of foodwork is starting to be more equally shared in households. Attitude towards foodwork depends, among other things, on situation and to whom one is cooking for. Convenience foods are used to simplify foodwork in households. Outsourcing foodwork to restaurants is also more and more common and take-away meals have become very popular. Technology and application innovations enable ready meals to be delivered to our doorstep. The aim of this study is to explain the use of and reasons to use home delivery services. Theoretical background of the study is based on the research of home economics and domestic work. Research of eating out and eating environments is also used in the study. This study was conducted as a quantitative study. The data was collected with survey questionnaire that was compiled based on theoretical literature. The survey was distributed via Internet in February 2021. Of 148 received responses 145 were accepted for the analyses. Analysis was conducted with IMB SPSS 26. Crosstabulation, Kruskal-Wallis, PCA and oneway-ANOVA were used as methods of analysis. Time saving, minimizing the amount of work and indulgence were the main reasons to use home delivery services for ready meals. Three groups that had different attitudes towards foodwork and home delivery services were found from the data. The groups were named 1. enjoying foodwork, 2. staying home and 3. valuation of ease. Female gender, high education and age (28–34 years) defined the first group. Size of household (at least two members), children and high education defined group two. Low education, 20 000–39 999 annual income and size of household (three or more members) defined group three the least. Among all respondents, home delivery services were used most by men and age group 28–34. The results of the study cannot be generalized to population and it would be important to study these themes further and in larger context since home delivery services are permanent part of the contemporary life.