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  • Jäske, Alice (2020)
    The purpose of this Master's Thesis is to research the understanding of the white normativity of the Finnish education system and the racism associated within it, from the perspective of the Finns’ who identify as mixed-race. The thesis also considers the views of the mixed-race Finns on how the white normative school system has impacted their cultural identity. The thesis makes use of Stuart Hall’s theory of cultural identity, and Robert Miles’ theory of racialization. Previous studies have shown that there is white normative practice and racism present in the Finnish education system. Nonetheless, I noticed that previous studies had not been done from the point of view of the Finns identifying as mixed-race. Therefore, I wanted to explore the pos-sibilities that examining white normativity in the Finnish education system from this perspective could offer. I wrote this thesis as an insider since I identify as a mixed-race Finn. Furthermore, there were six others who took part in my study. Two semi-structured focus group interviews were con-ducted twice during the 2019-2020 academic year. In these interviews, we discussed the white normativity of the Finnish educational system and our own cultural identity. I applied both nar-rative and thematic methodology in my analysis. This meant understanding the phenomena with the help of narratives but organizing the results thematically. When it comes to my results, I discovered that there is the attribute of white normativity con-joined with the Finnish cultural identity. Thereby, the white normativity and the whiteness as a precondition for identifying as Finnish defined the cultural identity and its perception of those Finns identifying themselves as mixed-race. The white normativity of the Finnish educational system and the racism associated with it contributed to the development of internalized racism experienced by the Finnish mixed-race students. In this thesis, I have recognized and named these white normative structures in the Finnish educational system with the focus group inter-viewees. The results can be used for further research in the field of racism.