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  • Almgren, Leena (2018)
    Aims. The usage of wild edible wild plants is trendy nowadays, affordable, healthy and ecological. This study focuses on how adult students during a course on wildedible plants of Helsingin työväenopisto experienced the course. The aim of the study is to collect information on what kind of expectations and learning experiences the participating students had. Methodology. This thesis is a case study. Empirical data were obtained by thematic interviews of the eight participants of the course. Additional data were collected by questionnaires which were handed out before and after the edible wild plants course. Results and conclusions. The edible wild plants course has a strong emphasis on co-operative, social and experiential learning, and it also provides the students with strong theoretical knowledge. The expectations and experiences of the course par-ticipants were partly similar to those of the course planner/researcher. The course participants had different kinds of learning objectives. Some of the course partici-pants took part with the aim to get new ideas for their daily cookery. Some of the participants wanted to learn how to recognise eatable plants in the wild. The learning objectives were fulfilled during the course. The use of edible wild plants in food preparation was regarded as a relatively easy and ecological way to diversify one’s diet. The participants’ understanding of their immediate surroundings improved and the interest in the use of ecological food increased. Ecosocial knowledge of course participants increased during the course. The course participants thought their friends and family how to use eatable plants. Some of the course participants want-ed to learn more about the subject after the course. Courses of wild edible plants are popular. The popularity of that type of courses are based partially on experiental learning in the woods.