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  • Sopanen, Sanni (2020)
    There has been much research on agency in different branch of science and different perspectives. In the context of school, student agency research has largely focused on examining teacher-student interactions. The study of writing is also a current topic in educational research. The perception of writing and learning to write has changed in the last twenty years. In the context of writing increasing emphasis on literacy skills, a process-oriented approach to writing and a collaborative writing. In the context of collaborative learning, studying agency in student interactions where the teacher is not constantly present becomes essential. The purpose of this thesis is to gain more insight into the process of co-writing and the building of agency through interaction between students. The video material used in the thesis consist of small group work of three 5th grade students in history lesson, during which the small group is tasked with writing a joint information text. The material was collected in winter 2018 for the purposes of the Tekstistä Tekstiin -research project. The video material analysed the linguistic initiatives taken by the students and the subsequent interaction periods during the writing process. Discourse analysis with emphasis on the functions of linguistic expressions was used as the method of analysis. In the context of the thesis, co-writing emerged as an interactive process consisting four stages: information retrieval, planning of writing, writing and structuring work. The student agency appeared as individual and shared responsibility for advancing the assignment, skills in relation to the prerequisites of the writing assignment and performing as expected. Based on the data, student agency was appeared to be linked to the institutional context that guides the development of agency also during student interaction.