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  • Mauno, Mikael; Övermark, Meri; Frisk, Oskari; Isoherranen, Kirsi; Keinonen, Anne; Koskenmies, Sari; Pitkänen, Sari (2019)
    BACKGROUND. In this study we looked at patients, who were referred to the Skin and Allergy Hospital for a diagnosed or suspected premalignant or malignant skin lesion during a single year. These patients’ whole skin was examined, and all additional malignant or premalignant lesions were noted. PATIENTS AND METHODS. This research included 4037 patients, and their average age was 69 years. The patients’ whole skin was examined by a dermatologist, and all lesions that weren’t mentioned in the referral were recorded. RESULTS. Whole body examination revealed additional skin cancer or precancerous lesions in 1542 patients (38,2% of the material). Of these patients 54% were men and almost half of them were over 70-years old. CONCLUSIONS. A significant portion of patients had cancerous or precancerous lesions, that weren’t mentioned in the referral. Primary healthcare units should examine patients’ whole skin, especially if there are multiple risk factors. During a short reception, the examination should be focused on the trunk.