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  • Björkholm, Susanne (2019)
    Objectives. A new theory of personality is presented. The A-TRiC is unique in having a substantive theoretical basis in human evolutionary history and the phylogenetic constraints on development of dimensional psychological traits. Trust, Reactivity (to threat) and (need for) Control are personality traits found in all social mammals. Independence affects need for social reward, Analytical Thinking affects willingness to adhere to mechanistic/reductionistic vs intuitive/holistic explanations to phenomena. Since it would be futile academic egotism to propose a new theory unless one is needed, the psychometric and theoretical problems of the mainstream Five-Factor theory are also analysed. Methods. 1027 participants (61% female; Mage 41) completed the A-TRiC questionnaire online. Internal consistencies of the traits and model fit were investigated and predictions about traits and some outcomes were tested. Results & conclusions. Internal consistency was acceptable. Central model fit indices showed acceptable to poor fit. Levels of Reactivity and Control were associated with lifetime diagnoses of depression and anxiety. Reactivity was associated with addiction. High scores in Analytical thinking were associated with male gender and a degree in natural science. Women scored higher on Control. Some conceptual confusions hindering progress in the scientific study of personality are discussed in light of the theory and its background assumptions.