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  • Blom, Toni (2016)
    We studied 24 patients selected at random from the neurovirological study of Virtanen et al. Four patients had varicella-zoster (VZV) specific bands (OCB) in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). For each index case two age and gender matched controls were included. Antibody levels to VZV from serum and CSF were studied as well as VZV specific nucleic acid. The index cases had normal CSF, except for white blood cells who were more numerous than in matched controls (12.25/8.65). One case and three controls had increased levels of VZV specific antibodies in CSF. Even these had increased WBC levels. VZV PCR was negative in all. VZV seems to be a frequent finding in patients with OCBs. Testing the VZV specificity of OCBs and antibody level to VZV from serum and CSF may identify the patients. These findings suggest central nervous system involvement by VZV and might indicate the use of VZV specific therapy.