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  • Perälä, Nina; Jakobson, Madis; Ola, Roxana; Fazzari, Pietro; Penachioni, Yunia Y.; Nymark, Mariann; Tanninen, Tiina; Immonen, Tiina; Tamagnone, Luca; Sariola, Hannu (2015)
    Semaphorins, originally identified as axon guidance molecules, have also been implicated in angiogenesis, function of the immune system and cancerous growth. Here we show that deletion of Plexin B2 (Plxnb2), a semaphorin receptor that is expressed both in the pretubular aggregates and the ureteric epithelium in the developing kidney, results in renal hypoplasia and occasional double ureters. The rate of cell proliferation in the ureteric epithelium and consequently the number of ureteric tips are reduced in the kidneys lacking Plexin B2 (Plxnb2 / ). Semaphorin 4C, a ligand for Plexin B2, stimulates branching of the ureteric epithelium in wild type and Plxnb2+/ kidney explants, but not in Plxnb2 / explants. As shown by co-immunoprecipitation Plexin B2 interacts with the Ret receptor tyrosine kinase, the receptor of Glial-cell-line-derived neurotrophic factor (Gdnf), in embryonic kidneys. Isolated Plxnb2 / ureteric buds fail to respond to Gdnf by branching, but this response is rescued by Fibroblast growth factor 7 and Follistatin as well as by the metanephric mesenchyme. The differentiation of the nephrogenic mesenchyme, its morphology and the rate of apoptosis in the Plxnb2 / kidneys are normal. Plexin B2 is co-expressed with Plexin B1 (Plxnb1) in the kidney. The double homozygous Plxnb1–Plxnb2-deficient mice show high embryonic lethality prior to onset of nephrogenesis. The only double homozygous embryo surviving to E12 showed hypoplastic kidneys with ureteric branches and differentiating mesenchyme. Taken together, our results show that Sema4C-Plexin B2 signalling regulates ureteric branching, possibly through modulation of Gdnf signalling by interaction with Ret, and suggest non-redundant roles for Plexin B1 and Plexin B2 in kidney development.