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  • Oulasvirta, Markus; Huutoniemi, Anne; Partinen, Markku (2019)
    The aim of this study was to study prevalence and possible causes of springtime excessive daytime tiredness (EDT) and excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS) in 14-18-year-old students in southern Finland. This was done by having a total of 275 students from the Capital Region of Finland answer structured questionnaires in late autumn and spring. The responses were then analysed. The prevalence of springtime excessive daytime tiredness was 31.6% and that of springtime excessive daytime sleepiness was 12.8%. No significant seasonal variation was noted in either excessive daytime tiredness or excessive daytime sleepiness. Excessive daytime tiredness was significantly more common in girls than in boys (P=0.001). For excessive daytime sleepiness, the difference between sexes was not statistically significant. In multiple logistic regression analysis, intermediate and major sleep deprivation and depression were associated with excessive daytime tiredness. Depression was also associated with excessive daytime sleepiness. From our results we found that tiredness was very common among students, while sleepiness as measured by Epworth sleepiness scale (ESS) was somewhat less common. Girls were significantly more tired than boys, while also being more depressed and stressed. Depression was the biggest risk factor for both sleepiness and tiredness. Sleep deprivation was another significant risk factor for excessive daytime tiredness, but not for sleepiness.