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  • Aalto, Jannica (2016)
    The subject of the thesis is related to the taste of housing in the Helsinki metropolitan area. The aim of this study is to analyze how a Finnish housing magazine describes housing and housing related taste in Helsinki Metropolitan area. Taste is investigated using Pierre Bourdieu's distinction theory, which aims to outline how home acts as a way of making distinction in forms of different kinds of capitals defined by Bourdieu. Bourdieu's theory's strength lies in its ability to combine inequality- and distinction related financial properties to their cultural equivalents. The research material consists of six decoration magazine Avotakka's volumes for years 1989, 1990, 1991.1999, 2000, 2001, 2009, 2010 and 2011. The data in the home presentation articles was analysed by using thematic distinction and image analyzis. The distribution of locations across the metropolitan area was also analysed and presented visually using appropriate maps. The analysis focused on background data related to residents such as age, occupation and way of living. In addition, the analysis addressed the location and location-related descriptions of the homes in question. Resident lifestyles and home characterizations were analyzed in particular on capital forms defined by Bourdieu. Based on the results it can be shown how Avotakka models and renews the values and ideals traditionally related to housing in Helsinki metropolitan area. The homes were located in districts already known for their prestige and value, thus further enforcing the already existing traits. The residents were mostly from the new middle class giving the right to define legit taste to a rather specific social group. Taste was highlighted by presenting residents' control of Bourdieu's capitals. Economic capital was disclosed by presenting the capability of acquiring residence from especially expensive areas in the city. Lifestyle-relate preferences, like eating out or taking city vacations, were also used to display capital. Especially the focus on expensive areas gave the impression of dream-homes being located in very specific areas. Thus acquiring a dream-home is left as a mere dream for the majority of people. The results however also revealed some inconsistencies in people striving to modes Finnish design but also aiming for distinction. The study focused on one magazine, Avotakka. To broaden the view additional studies should be conducted by including other magazines or by widening the readership research on readers' perceptions about housing.