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  • Barral, Oswald (2013)
    This thesis goes further in the study of implicit indicators used to infer interest in documents for information retrieval tasks. We study the behavior of two different categories of implicit indicators: fixation-derived features (number of fixations, average time of fixations, regression ratio, length of forward saccades), and physiology (pupil dilation, electrodermal activity). Based on the limited number of participants at our disposal we study how these measures react when addressing documents at three different reading rates. Most of the fixation-derived features are reported to differ significantly when reading at different speeds. Furthermore, the ability of pupil size and electrodermal activity to indicate perceived relevance is found intrinsically dependent on speed of reading. That is, when users read at comfortable reading speed, these measures are found to be able to correctly discriminate relevance judgments, but fail when increasing the addressed speed of reading. Therefore, the outcomes of this thesis strongly suggest to take into account reading speed when designing highly adaptive information retrieval systems.