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  • Debraise, Nora (2013)
    Aminodiene-based Diels-Alder reactions constitute attractive solutions for the construction of six-membered carbocyclic subunits of a number of organic compounds, including natural products. Functionalized acylaminodienes are key intermediates in those reactions with their ability to incorporate various heteroatoms to the Diels-Alder adducts. Taking advantage of this, various 1-acylamino-2-cyclohexene derivatives were synthesised with a novel protocol involving an in situ generation of an amidodiene intermediate. A novel one-pot procedure for the multicomponent coupling reactions of amides, aldehydes, and dienophiles using room temperature ionic liquids as reaction media and catalyst under solvent-free conditions was developed. Short reaction times, easy microwave-assisted procedure, solvent-free conditions and good conversion to product are features of this new protocol.