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  • Laaja, Oskari (2022)
    Mobile applications have become common and end-users expect to be able to use either of the major platforms: iOS or Android. The expectation of finding the application in their respected platform stores is strongly present. The process of publishing mobile applications into these application stores can be cumbersome. The frequency of mobile application updates can be damaged by the heaviness of the process, reducing the end-user satisfaction. As manually completed processes are prone to human errors, the robustness of the process decreases and the quality of the application may diminish. This thesis presents an automated pipeline to complete the process of publishing cross-platform mobile application into App Store and Play Store. The goal of this pipeline is to make the process faster to complete, more robust and more accessible to people without technical knowhow. The work was done with design science methodology. As results, two artifacts are generated from this thesis: a model of a pipeline design to improve the process and implementation of said model to functionally prove the possibility of the design. The design is evaluated against requirements set by the company for which the implementation was done. As a result, the process used in the project at which the implementation was taken into use got faster, simpler and became possible for non-development personnel to use.