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  • Nyman, Maria (2019)
    The directionality and strength of hydrogen bonds has made the synthesis of self-assembling arrays desirable. These assemblies can be further used in micelles. This work focused on this area of supramolecular chemistry and the synthesis of several different bonding units. This thesis was done in collaboration with VTT ( Technical Research Centre of Finland ) and University of Helsinki. In the present work, supramolecular hydrogen bonding units were synthesized and purification was attempted. The aim of this study was to synthesize a novel DAAD hydrogen bonding molecule with hydrophobic and hydrophilic dendronized end. DAAD bonding molecules require a counter unit to bond to since they have a donor-acceptor-acceptor-donor structure. Such a counter unit was also synthesized. Modification of this core concept was done by changing the number of hydrophobic substituents and the structure of the hydrophilic dendron. The synthesis focused on producing these molecules up to the G2 size. The synthesis of these DAAD-bonding unit was partially successful affording many impure target products. Success was found in the intermediates and their synthesis. Overall there were twelve target molecules. All products were characterized with 1H-NMR and from target products 13C-NMR spectra were measured. Also, the mass of the target products was recorded with MALDI-TOF MS.