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  • Paavilainen, Topi (2018)
    Minimum-cost minimum path cover is a graph-theoretic problem with an application in gene sequencing problems in bioinformatics. This thesis studies decomposing graphs as a preprocessing step for solving the minimum-cost minimum path cover problem. By decomposing graphs, we mean splitting graphs into smaller pieces. When the graph is split along the maximum anti-chains of the graph, the solution for the minimum-cost minimum path cover problem can be computed independently in the small pieces. In the end all the partial solutions are joined together to form the solution for the original graph. As a part of our decomposition pipeline, we will introduce a novel way to solve the unweighted minimum path cover problem and with that algorithm, we will also obtain a new time/space tradeoff for reachability queries in directed acyclic graphs. This thesis also includes an experimental section, where an example implementation of the decomposition is tested on randomly generated graphs. On the test graphs we do not really get a speedup with the decomposition compared to solving the same instances without the decomposition. However, from the experiments we get some insight on the parameters that affect the decomposition's performance and how the implementation could be improved.