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  • Saali, Maija (2022)
    This master’s thesis examines the practices and meanings of yard work, and considers how they can potentially affect the biodiversity of detached house gardens. The dissertation examines the practical activities of yard owners, the attitudes related to yard work, the criteria of a good yard and the relationship that the owners have with nature. The topic of the dissertation is topical due to the global biodiversity loss crisis, which is expected to affect the economy, food production and human health in the future. The topic of my thesis is not widely researched in Finland. The purpose of this dissertation is to provide more information on the level of biodiversity of private yards and, in particular, on the human choices that potentially affect the biodiversity of the yards. The research question of the dissertation is: How do the practices and meanings of yard work potentially affect the biodiversity of private gardens? The master's thesis is an interdisciplinary study that utilizes the concepts of ecology and sociology. The theory of the dissertation is strongly related to the theory of biodiversity and biodiversity conservation work. The dissertation deals with human activities from the point of view of practice and everyday life theory framework. The data of the dissertation has been collected via an online survey. The target group of the questionnaire was the owners of detached houses living in the great eastern subdivision of Helsinki. The questions in the survey are based on the theory of biodiversity conservation work and practices, as well as everyday life. The questionnaire contained quantitative and qualitative questions. Quantitative questions provided information on the green structure of the yards and the measures taken in the yard to support biodiversity. Qualitative questions provided information on the experiences and attitudes towards yard work and the choices made there. The data of the dissertation has been analyzed by the methods of content analysis. Five aspects emerged from the analysis of the data that could potentially affect the biodiversity of the yards of detached houses: the agency of yard work, yard owners relationship with yard work, the yard owners relationship with nature, and the human-oriented ways of yard work. Based on the analysis, it can be stated that the biodiversity of yards is affected by the intensity of yard work, the awareness that yard owners have about biodiversity, the aesthetic values ​​of yard owners and human-oriented choices made in the yard. The results of the dissertation can be considered from the perspectives of urban and landscape planning, as cities are thought to play an important role in solving the loss of biodiversity. The yards of detached houses in the eastern district are connected and an important part of the larger green areas of the city of Helsinki, and researchers emphasize that work to protect and support biodiversity must be done where people already live. The perspectives of my dissertation can be utilized in urban planning when one wants to know what kind of human practices and values ​​affect the biodiversity of yards.