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  • Vainio, Marko (2021)
    When developing an application using a microservice architecture the application consists of multiple distributed independent and loosely coupled services. These services then communicate with each other through a network in order to form a functioning application. Benefits of developing an application as a set of independent services as opposed to a single monolithic application are numerous. The services may be developed and deployed independently, which enables, for example, the usage of different programming language for a specific service. Services designed for specific tasks are also usually relatively small in size and as such easier to develop, understand and test. The challenges of building an application utilising a microservice architecture as opposed to the traditional monolithic one include identifying suitable functionalities that can be extracted into a service. Also, end-to-end testing of the extracted functionality becomes challenging. Throughout this thesis the most important benefits and challenges of the microservice architecture are investigated with a literature review as well as in practice with a case study. During the case study a specific functionality in a largely monolithic application was transformed into a microservice. The benefits and challenges that became evident during the process are covered in the thesis.