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  • Wickholm, Rasmus (Helsingin yliopistoUniversity of HelsinkiHelsingfors universitet, 2008)
    The vastly increased popularity of the Internet as an effective publication and distribution channel of digital works has created serious challenges to enforcing intellectual property rights. Works are widely disseminated on the Internet, with and without permission. This thesis examines the current problems with licence management and copy protection and outlines a new method and system that solve these problems. The WARP system (Works, Authors, Royalties, and Payments) is based on global registration and transfer monitoring of digital works, and accounting and collection of Internet levy funded usage fees payable to the authors and right holders of the works. The detection and counting of downloads is implemented with origrams, short and original parts picked from the contents of the digital work. The origrams are used to create digests, digital fingerprints that identify the piece of work transmitted over the Internet without the need to embed ID tags or any other easily removable metadata in the file.