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  • Xin, Li (2020)
    Heart rate (HR) monitoring has been the foundation of many researches and applications in the field of health care, sports and fitness, and physiology. With the development of affordable non- invasive optical heart rate monitoring technology, continuous monitoring of heart rate and related physiological parameters is increasingly possible. While this allows continuous access to heart rate information, its potential is severely constrained by the inaccuracy of the optical sensor that provides the signal for deriving heart rate information. Among all the factors influencing the sensor performance, hand motion is a particularly significant source of error. In this thesis, we first quantify the robustness and accuracy of the wearable heart rate monitor under everyday scenario, demonstrating its vulnerability to different kinds of motions. Consequently, we developed DeepHR, a deep learning based calibration technique, to improve the quality of heart rate measurements on smart wearables. DeepHR associates the motion features captured by accelerometer and gyroscope on the wearable with a reference sensor, such as a chest-worn HR monitor. Once pre-trained, DeepHR can be deployed on smart wearables to correct the errors caused by motion. Through rigorous and extensive benchmarks, we demonstrate that DeepHR significantly improves the accuracy and robustness of HR measurements on smart wearables, being superior to standard fully connected deep neural network models. In our evaluation, DeepHR is capable of generalizing across different activities and users, demonstrating that having a general pre-trained and pre-deployed model for various individual users is possible.