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  • Ylitalo, Markku (2023)
    This Master’s thesis covers the visualization process of Finnish housing and mortgage markets by referring Tamara Munzner’s nested visualization process model [25]. This work is implemented as an assignment for the Bank of Finland that is the national monetary authority and central bank of Finland. The thesis includes a literature survey in which the different stages of the visualization task are examined by referring them to previous studies, and an experimental part that describes the actual implementation steps of the visualization ensemble, that is an encompassing collection of interactive dashboard sheets regarding Finnish housing and mortgage markets, which was made as a supporting analysis tool for the economists of the Bank of Finland. The domain aspects of this visualization task are validated by arranging an end user survey for the economists of the Bank of Finland. Nearly a hundred open answers were collected and processed from which the fundamental guidelines of the desired end product were formed. By following these guidelines and leaning on the know-how of the previous studies, the concrete visualization task was completed successfully. According to the gathered feedback, the visualization ensemble managed to correspond the expectations of end users comprehensively, and to fulfill its essential purpose as a macroeconomic analysis tool laudably. ACM Computing Classification System (CCS): Human-centered computing → Visualization → Visualization techniques Human-centered computing → Visualization → Empirical studies in visualization