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  • Ylitalo, Tuomo (2016)
    Printing drug laden polymer layers is one way to fabricate personalized drug delivery systems. To assure dosage and drug release profiles it is crucial to characterize topography of polymer layers and layer adhesion in multilayer structures. We use our custom build scanning white light interferometer (SWLI) to non-destructively characterize layer thickness, surface roughness and layer adhesion of multilayered drug delivery system. For this work we characterized four drug delivery systems with our SWLI. One of these drug delivery system was characterized inside of microfluidic channel during water discharge. We demonstrated our capability to non-destructively characterize layer thickness of multilayered samples, characterize polymer interface topology with high resolution and distinct between adhesion and delamination on polymer/polymer and polymer/glass interfaces. We also showed our capability to characterize these features in microfluidic channels. We thus demonstrated the possibility to use our device in quality control of tailored drug delivery systems e.g. printed drugs.