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  • Zafar, Muhammad Zeeshan (2024)
    In higher education, student recruitment and marketing play a prominent role in the success of educational institutions, maintaining a robust student population and fostering diversity. Institutions compete for the attention of prospective students, and in this data-driven era, a strategic and data-driven approach is required to compete and make informed business decisions. The student recruitment and marketing team of the University of Helsinki possesses various data sources that require storage, transformation, and visualization to get insights from that data. This thesis aims to solve these problems by creating a cloud database using Azure SQL Database, building Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) pipelines using Azure Data Factory, and developing dashboards in Power BI that allow the student recruitment and marketing team to transform and load their data into a database and visualize the data in Power BI that helps in making better strategic decisions and sharing the dashboards with stakeholders across the institution. The results establish the ability to use Azure services for data management. Results include interactive dashboards in Power BI consisting of various visualizations that meet the requirements of the student recruitment and marketing team by providing Key performance indicators (KPIs). This approach enabled data-driven decision-making for the student recruitment and marketing team.