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  • Ali Khan, Ishup (2020)
    Earlier, vast majority of the experiment were performed with PIXE exclusively, with protons as an impinging particle. Due to the concurrence of various phenomena in nuclear and atomic physics like the significant development of the theory of the inner-shell ionization in ion-atom collision, higher sensitivity due to heavy-ions, larger scattering cross-section and larger stopping cross-section HIXE turns out to be a useful technique. While cross-section of heavy-ion beam at energy few MeV and above have been measured and reported, experimental data for high-energy heavy ions against heavy targets are lack. In this study, X-ray production cross-section induced by iodine ions with energies from 15MeV to 45MeV, produced by 5MV tandem accelerator, have been measured for multiple compounds of thin targets of Ti, Cu, Zn, Ru, Nb, Ta, W and Au in a direct way. Simultaneous measurement of the X-ray data and ERDA data were taken with the help of the x-ray detector and ERDA detector placed at an angle of 1200 and 300 respectively. Measured cross-section was compared against the ECPSSR and ECPSSR-UA cross-section calculated by the program ISICS11. Experimental cross-section was found above both of the ECPSSR and ECPSSR-UA data. Thickness of the target from ERDA data were used for the direct calculation of the X-ray production cross-section for 15MeV iodine energy beam. Additionally, measured cross-section along with the ECPSSR data was compared against the average reduced velocity parameter.