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  • Valto, Kristian (2023)
    Microservices have been a popular architectural style to build server-side applications for quite a while. It has gained popularity for its inherent properties that countered the downsides of matured monoliths that are harder to maintain and further develop the larger the monoliths get. A monolithic application consists of a single unit. It usually is split into application tiers such as client, database, and server-side applications. The properties countering monoliths come from splitting a service into smaller services. These smaller services then form the server-side application by communicating with each other. The goal of a single microservice is to focus on "doing one thing well" and only that. Together they form a loosely coupled group of services to achieve larger business goals. However, the fact is that distributed systems are complex. With software architecture we can separate the complexity of distributed systems and business functions.