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  • Masalin, Teemu (2020)
    Solving global environmental issues requires extensive international cooperation. The United Nations (UN) Environment Conferences have paved the way for international cooperation, by forming agreements on the environment and climate, and the implementation of the measures required by them. Underlying this is sustainable development, a key concept led by the UN. Adherence to the principles of sustainable development aims to ensure the survival of our planet for future generations. The UN implements the principle through international climate agreements. Actions for the environment require knowledge of environmental issues, solutions and opportunities how to contribute. And that requires environmental education. Environmental education plays a key role in learning about the environment and adhering to the principles of sustainable development. The responsibility for sustainable development belongs to everyone and environmental education plays an important role in it in schools. The aim of my master's thesis is to examine global environmental issues and their solutions. I researched what kind of perceptions of global environmental issues and visions of the future the students of the online school had in 2009. In addition, I compare the students' visions of possible solutions with the views of environmental education experts. The material was collected from the international online school for environmental education and sustainable development, Environment Online - ENO in 2009. The study is based on a qualitative survey. The results of the online survey (N = 153) are divided into themed categories based on the responses on environmental issues and solutions. The answers have been compared with the themes that emerged from the expert survey (N = 5). Pupils' perceptions of environmental issues focus on climate change. The solution possibilities reflect the strong environmental education of the Environment Online - ENO: action for the environment, political decisions and environmental education. As an interesting result of the expert survey, I highlight the opportunities brought by technology in environmental education and the development of young people's opportunities for influence. As a case of this study, Environment Online - ENO has shown how important information and communication technology is in international environmental education.