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  • Arkkila, Nicolas (2020)
    Software development as knowledge work has many related stressors. The work is mentally very demanding and requires skills to detect, cope with and evade stressors from both the developer themselves and the entire surrounding organization. Developers also have high responsibility in their work, because the effects of the work can be tremendous and the quality of the work must be constantly upheld by software developers themselves. In this Master’s thesis an occupational healthcare survey was created specifically for software developers. This survey was conducted and its results analyzed. The survey focuses on software development related stressors observed by a work group creating the survey and discovered from a literature review that may cause excessively negative impact on the software development process and to the wellbeing of developers. The goal was to explore if modern occupational healthcare services provide adequate service for developers and if a demographically targeted survey could be helpful in the software development process as well as in occupational healthcare.