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    This thesis looks for challenges and opportunities for nitrogen cycling in the Helsinki Region. It is an analytical paper of the law and a literary review of wastewater treatment concepts. The opportunities addressed are of legal and business character. For this reason, the study is divided into two major research questions. First, what are the relevant aspects of the Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive 91/271/EEC to nutrient cycling in Finland? Second, what are the opportunities that business law tools offer when combined with the objectives of the UWWTD? The questions are answered by using legal research methodology. First, the legal dogmatics method is used to analyze the existing law, the proposed revised Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive, and Finnish Law to look for opportunities in the written law. The Second half of the paper analyzes the principles of Nordic Contract Law and their possible role in generating benefits for the private sector from reducing nitrogen waste and increasing nitrogen recycling. The entirety of the study takes the law and economics method into consideration. It concludes that the principles of contract law can be used to guarantee and device contractual relationships between the industrial sectors from Annex III UWWTD that can reduce their environmental impact and costs by filling in gaps between the current legislation while using the benefits of reduced costs and improved brand as economic incentives.