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  • Ciccarini, Simona (2021)
    This thesis consists in an analysis of Corporate Governance in the Finnish Cooperatives and in the Finnish Cooperative Banks. By comparing the Finnish Corporate Governance model, with the other models used in other countries, it is possible to have an idea of the Finnish economic system and how this system may react to events as the economic crisis. The study, focuses on Cooperatives, as these kind of business forms are very popular in Finland, with particular attention on the form of the Cooperative Banks. The thesis also analyses the effects of the 2008 Financial Crisis and the effects that the following regulation had on the Finnish Banks and Cooperatives, from a general and Corporate Governance point of view. The aim of this paper is the of study the effects of the Crisis and the post-crisis regulation on the Finnish Banking system, on Finnish Cooperatives (especially Cooperative Banks) and on the Corporate Governance.