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  • Consoli, Elisa (2023)
    The acquis of chemical legislation in the EU is probably one of the most comprehensive and complex in the world. Often, the European Union has been the pioneer in the adoption of legislation aimed at protecting its citizens as well as the environment. The field of chemical management is not different; the EU has paved the way to a new and reinforced concept of systematic protection of human health and the environment from hazardous chemicals that has initiated a global approach. In this work, I focus on the public accessibility aspect of the EU legislation on chemicals, providing an analysis of the current framework as well as some reflections on whether the system provides the expected level of accessibility. Overall, the main research question at the core of this thesis is: “is the EU chemical legislation accessible enough? And if not, can we deduce areas for improvement?”. After sharing an overview of the legal framework and of the key actors involved in the implementation of the EU chemical legislation, by using the case study of REACH restrictions, in my conclusions, I provide suggestions for improvement points relating to the identified shortcomings in terms of public accessibility.