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  • Polad, Didem (2023)
    This thesis examines the legal framework surrounding driver liability in autonomous vehicles (AVs), SAE level 3 and level 4, within the European Union (EU), and assesses its compatibility with the EU's Artificial Intelligence (AI) policy. As AV technology advances, determining the distribution of liability among stakeholders involved in AV operations becomes a critical issue, particularly for level 3 and level 4 vehicles, where the presence and liability of the human driver are still significant. The study analyzes relevant international conventions and investigates the liability approaches adopted by selected EU Member States, France, and Germany, focusing on the differences between fault and strict liability in their respective legal systems. The German Autonomous Driving Act, which distinguishes between level 3 drivers and level 4 operators, is examined in detail, providing insights into the potential for a fairer liability system within the EU. The thesis ultimately evaluates the alignment of driver liability in the EU with the EU's AI policies and suggests harmonization efforts to ensure a consistent approach to liability issues. By proposing a more equitable liability system for level 3 drivers and level 4 operators, this research contributes to the ongoing discourse on the legal and regulatory challenges associated with the widespread adoption of AV technology in the EU.