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  • Pulkkinen, Markku (2020)
    Organizations are adopting cloud technologies at an increasing rate. Significant share of growth of cloud deployments is coming from application migrations to cloud computing. Migrating existing legacy applications to cloud computing platform is not a trivial task. A migration methodology will help migrating applications to cloud more effectively and with lower risk than doing it by trial and error. A part of the cloud migration process is the selection and execution of a migration strategy amongst the possible, situational and commonly used options. The migration strategy defines many of the migration process activities since they depend on cloud architecture and service and deployment models, which are implicitly set by the migration strategy. Many of the existing cloud migration methods don’t specify the factors that lead to migration strategy selection. The migration strategy selection is a critical part of migration planning involving multiple organisations and several individuals. This thesis presents categories of migration strategy factors derived from a cloud migration methodology and process framework review and validates the factors by doing a deductive thematic analysis against qualitative case study interview data. By having a clarity and a way to address the migration strategy factors, will increase the migration success rate and reduce planning time.