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  • Henttonen, Tommo (2020)
    Urban forests are part of the urban environment and create the conditions for a sustainable cityscape. Urban forests differ in their characteristics and objectives from commercial forests. The ecosystem services provided by urban forests take precedence over wood production aspects. Diverse objectives of urban forests make their design and management challenging. Urbanization is still a constant phenomenon, making the urban forests playing an increasingly important role. Human activities weaken and create unfavorable living and growing conditions for urban forests. Together with natural disasters, human activities and urbanization expose urban forests to fragmentation and deforestation. This in turn reduces the value of the ecosystem services they provide as well as the vitality of cities. A growing understanding of the value and importance of urban forest ecosystem services requires sustainable management of urban forests. This requires up-to-date and accurate information, for which remote sensing provides several tools and methods. It has become the most important tool for identifying and mapping urban green spaces in effective urban forest management. This thesis maps and classifies existing research on the use of remote sensing in the planning, management and monitoring of urban forests. The purpose of this work is to create a systematic mapping from which opportunities for systematic reviews and possibly the need for future research can be identified. The work follows the methodology and criteria created for systematic evidence syntheses. A total of 536 articles were included in the systematic mapping created in this work after screening the articles. Systematic literature review is usually carried out as a multi-person team, which increases the reliability of the method. As a thesis, this has been done by one person, which reduces the reliability of the results