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  • Hutri, Juhani (2013)
    Aim of this study was to find out consumers expectations about electric vehicles (EV) range, charging and price. In addition, aim was to identify Finnish EVs early adopters, based on Everett Rogers (2003 [1962]) Diffusion of Innovation theory. Data was collected using an online survey. Questionnaire was published in several web pages and on Facebook. Total sample was 1871 responses. This study’s target group was people over the age of 20 or older and target area was Helsinki region. 938 responses of all sample belong to the target group. Data was analyzed with quantitative research methods. EVs current driving range 150 kilometers seem be to too short. The respondents expect about 300 kilometers range for EV. For daily movement 150 kilometers range is enough for most of the respondents. 150 kilometers driving range is also enough for households’ second car. Besides limited range, slow charging and lack of charging points are seen as barriers for EVs market penetration. In this study it was found that 58 per cent of the respondents have possibility to charge EV at home and the charging time at home (6–8 hours) is not significant problem. There is less than 20 public charging points in Finland. Increase of public charging point will increase the respondents’ interest in EV. There was a significant difference between males and females expectations of EVs range and charging. Males were more demanding. Females appreciate more EVs green values. According to the respondents EVs current price seem to be too high. With a lower price the respondents are willing to buy EVs. EVs early adopters accept higher price than other the respondents. In this study, as in previous international studies, green consumers and technical enthusiasts are the early adopters of EV. A stereotypical early adopter is a 30–35-years-old person who lives in a house. Suchlike person drivers under 50 kilometers per day and tries to be environmentally friendly and/or keen on new technologies.