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  • Heinonen, Pia (2021)
    Oxygen has been used as a medicine since the 18th century and is widely used as prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medicine. Especially with global COVID-19 pandemic, which started in 2020, the demand for medicinal oxygen has increased significantly and the quality of medicinal oxygen has become increasingly important. Only few studies have been published on the critical process and quality parameters of gases and their impact on product quality. Because oxygen is classified as a medical product, it must be manufactured in accordance with good manufacturing practices regulations (GMP). One part of EU and other GMP guidelines is mandatory annual product quality review (PQR) which must assess the critical quality and process parameters as well as their trends. The aim of the study was to define the critical process and quality parameters for the medicinal oxygen filling process and to analyze the process control, stability, and capability for annual PQR using process data. Process stability and the state of control of processes were assessed using statistical quality and process management tools, such as the Shewhart control diagram and process capability index. Studied process parameters included vacuum level and pressure measured by the filling equipment. Evaluated quality parameters included analysis pressure, O2 and H2O contents. The results of the study showed that the process is not stable and there was a lot of variation between the parameters. Most variation was detected between different cylinder volumes and filling and analysis ramps in all parameters and between different weekdays in H2O content. However, all parameters remained within the specification limits and the Cpk values of all critical parameters were good. By analyzing the data, many variables that can affect the parameters and add variation to the process data can be identified. Based on the results, the necessary measures to improve and optimize the process and quality was identified. In order to stabilize processes and improve performance, the demonstrable variation in process data should be reduced, for example by harmonizing operating methods. According to the study, it was also possible to assess the revalidations required for the process.