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  • Lampiranta, Samu-Ville I.G.; Lampiranta, Samu-Ville I.G. (2023)
    The main research question of this thesis is what implications deregulating the Finnish gambling monopoly could have in terms of competition in the gambling industry, and in terms of player protection. I will examine the current state of the gambling monopoly in Finland, how it came to be, and where it is headed. It examines the potential consequences of deregulating the monopoly on the industry, with a focus on competition and responsible gambling practices. The research aims to analyze the legal frameworks governing the gambling industry and its socio-economic effects. I will also propose new ways in which the gambling industry could evolve to become better for companies and players. The study scrutinizes the legal standing of the monopoly and whether it fulfills the requirements set for monopolies in the EU law. I will also discuss controversial business practices of Veikkaus, such as aggressive advertising strategies. In addition, I will explore alternative approaches for a more competitive market. To gain insights into potential policy changes, I will compare Finnish gambling regulations to those of other Nordic countries, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. These comparisons highlight the different degrees of market liberalization and player protection measures adopted by these countries. My conclusion is that as there is no de facto monopoly anymore, there is also no justification to treat it as such. Holding on to the monopoly violates EU competition rules and harms the players and the state. Establishing a new legal regime to control gambling would also give Finland a chance to become a leader in player protection practices.