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  • Bäckström, Marjo (2017)
    This thesis is a review of articles written about common craft in craft teacher newsletters in the year 2015. Common craft refers to craft teaching directed towards all students and both genders, containing both technology education and textile craft teaching. It is a current topic, since the elementary school curriculum that came into force in the year 2016 no longer differentiates between ”technology education” and ”textile craft”, but rather refers to ”craft”, containing both subjects. The materials used in this study are the newsletters of The Association of Craft Teachers TOL ry, and the Association of Technology Teachers TAO ry, Tekstiiliopettaja and Tekninen Opettaja, respectively. The objective of this research is to find out what kind of a view these newsletters hold on the subject of common craft. The research represents qualitative discourse analysis. The results show that there is a difference in writing culture concerning this subject between Tekstiiliopettaja and Tekninen Opettaja. Both publications upheld their own values consistently, and did not publish self-contradictory articles. The differences between the newsletters were significant, which leads to the conclusion that each publication conveys a different view of common craft. All in all, common craft is an ambiguous subject, and its correct implementation is not agreed upon.