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  • Babitzin Isabel (2018)
    The main purpose of this literature overview is to examine the effects of educating handcrafts to ADHD pupils in terms of their self-esteem and self-image. In addition, in this research paper I will observe what type of learning environments and assignments would suit best for a student with ADHD. The objective of this research paper is to provide information for the handcrafts teachers about pupils having ADHD and instructions on how to process that disorder in handcrafts teaching. I collected my research data on 23 March 2017 by using four different search engines that are Helka, Laurea Finna, Google Scholar and Melinda. Keywords that were used were combinations of different words relating to the subject, such as "handcrafts and special education pupil", "handcrafts and self-esteem" and ADHD. By using the latter keywordI found several results in English. I included one piece of English literature to my research. According to the intake criteria after collecting background material I categorized the material based on both the titel and table of contents. The intake criteria consisted of Finnish and English literature published no later than in 2000. Based on these criteria I selected 15 pieces of pragmatic literature as my research material. The outcome of this literature overview is that the teacher, learning environment and given assignments have significant effect on the self-esteem and self-image of an ADHD pupil. The key findings of the reasons affecting the self-esteem and self-image were the way ADHD pupils were located in the classroom, teacher's understanding attitude and knowledge of the disorder and the way of giving over positive feedback for pupils suffering the disorder. Learning assignments, too, have a significant role in affecting the self-esteem of a pupil, thus the assignments should be challenging enough considering the level of knowledge of a pupil. In almost every classroom there is a pupil with ADHD. Therefore, it is crucial as a teacher to recognize the weaknesses and strenghts of a pupil with ADHD. This thesis summarizes the results of several different pieces of research.