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  • Besic, Sameer (2019)
    This thesis reviews contemporary studies on the influence of physical activity on human cognitive functioning in childhood and in adolescents. Physical activity is noted to be positively related to cognitive functions. It is therefore worrying that the physical activity of children and adolescents has been significantly reduced, which has also contributed to an increase in obesity and the deterioration of general physical well-being. The relations between physical activity and cognitive functions have been subject of interest in a lot of a research and branches of science over the past few years. In the past few years there has been lot of research on this subject. However, the number of studies in this field concentrated on children has been substantially fewer, especially in children. The key results of this research showed that physical activity has positive relations with cognitive functions and their development. Positive connections appear through physiological mechanisms and structural changes in the brain. Physical activity has also been seen to influence positively on the mood and decrease in stress. However, studies show that the positive effects of physical activity also depend on the intensity of the activity and the type of exercise. Even tough physical activity is positively connected to the processes of different cognition, the exact mechanism behind them is not clear. In addition, existing studies have not revealed to what extent various physical activities differ in their effects, and whether such effects are specific or possibly beneficial for cognitive functioning in general. Related studies are needed to understand how diminishing physical activity is linked with the development of cognitive functions. In my opinion, further research should focus on how different forms of physical activity are in connection with cognitive functions and what possible differences are between them.